About Us

I’m Rachel and I am the co-founder of The Emmy Difference and STEM ambassador along with my big sister, Laura. Growing up, Maths was always my favourite subject and I know how lucky I was to receive an education where everyone had the chance and belief they could study STEM regardless of their background, gender, age, beliefs, orientation, disability and ethnicity - regardless of anything! 

My love for Maths led me to my Maths Degree and then Masters, where I worked as a numeracy tutor for a charity tackling educational inequality in the UK. 

As a young girl growing up, I know now the power of having a role model to look up to. I wanted to create The Emmy Difference to represent all the amazing STEM role models - all genders, backgrounds and ethnicities - all who have created change in the world with the mission to share these stories and inspire others from every background, gender, age, beliefs, orientation, disability and ethnicity to believe they can study STEM too. 

Each print is printed in the UK using plant based inks and FSC certified paper. With every order we donate a free breakfast and support to a vulnerable child in the UK to help fuel their learning of literacy and numeracy, as hunger should never limit a child’s education.